Custom-Written Song


I’ll write a song for you based on your specifications

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You may not know this, but a lot of songs are written to brief – so in this case you get to provide the brief! I love writing songs for people so it would be an honour to write one for you. It can be a love song, a break-up song, a song about the weather, or indeed about whatever you want it to be about! It can be for you or for a loved one… I’m at your service!

We’ll have a zoom chat to work out what you are looking for and then I’ll go away and start scheming in my studio. 🙂

Once I’m done scheming you’ll receive a recording and hand-written lyrics of the song, as well as the knowledge that you are the first person in the world to hear the soon-to-be-classic smash hit you’ve inspired!

(please note that songs don’t always just magically appear – the scheming stage may take a little while so if you have a deadline please let me know and I’ll let you know whether it is achievable)